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5G Impact on The Internet of things

5G could radically change not just the kinds of things we can do with our phones, but also how we interact with our smart homes, smart appliances and generally, the world around us.

The development of the new wireless standard is well and truly under way, and while it will certainly could have a big impact on the types of things our mobile devices can do, analysts argue that 5G could go way beyond that, promoting a boom in the smart home and the Internet of Things.

The world is becoming increasingly connected, and while the phrase 'Internet of Things' really doesn't sound that exciting, it's going to be a lot more important in our lives as time goes on. IoT isn't just about connecting everyday devices so that companies can seemingly track us constantly - it's about improving our lives.

Just think about how much the internet has grown over the past decade - 10 years ago, we didn't think we needed faster connections. We were already watching videos at decent speeds, we could browse the web just fine and we definitely didn't have a connected fridge. Faster internet, however, has allowed for better video, high-performing apps and the ability to share more information than ever. Many suggest that what broadband internet did for the smartphone, 5G will do for the Internet of Things.