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MWTS2017 Conference comes to an end

The MWTS 2017 conference was held during March 6th to March 9th at various presentation halls and auditoriums in Sharif University of Technology. The topics covered in this conference were focused around the development of future 5G telecom and 5G based systems that will emerge with the proliferation of this new technology.

Dr. Fereidunian, Faculty of Amirkabir University of Technology

During the course of this conference, we hosted several guests who are participating in the development course to 5G technology and were seeking to spread the knowledge about the possibilities, opportunities and challenges of this new technology and the impacts on our everyday life and the telecom industry.

Dr. Nikoofar, CEO of MCI

The first day of the conference hosted 2 workshops in the morning by Dr. Ahmad Rostami and Dr. Toktam Mahmoodi which were followed up by 2 workshops in the afternoon by Dr. Mohammad Ali Maddah Ali and Dr. Alireza Farhadi.

On the second day, the official opening ceremony was held, hosting the Minister of ICT, Dr. Vaezi, and the heads and CEOs of various telecom and data processing companies including PEC Co, TCI, MCI, and Ericsson. During the ceremony and the follow-up, the ICT Minister and the companies gave speeches on how this technology can make a change and improve lives and their firms and how this tech will be implemented to have a positive impact on the industry. After the speeches, there were 2 workshops by Dr. Saeedeh Parsaeefard and Dr. Alireza Fereidunian.

Ralf Pichler, Head of Ericsson Iran

The third day hosted a variety of speeches and presentations from academic guests and company representatives and was followed up in the afternoon by 2 workshops by Dr. Mohammad Fakharzadeh and Deniz Koylu. The latter giving an overview of what has been done till now and the future plans of Ericsson for this emerging technology with reference to the path of telecom during the years.

Deniz Koylu presenting his workshop "On the Road to 5G"

On the fourth day, we had the presentations of the papers that were submitted, reviewed, and accepted by the conference scientific committee. The papers covered various regions of 5G usage and academic research towards development. The guests of these presentations were mostly Ph.D. students seeking to join the research party for developing the new technology.

Elaheh Rezaee, University of Texas, Dallas

And the event comes to an end as a positive impulse and a starting point for the Islamic Republic of Iran making a contribution to the worldwide efforts in bringing a new generation of telecommunication and hopefully a new era of technology.