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Conference Day 0 and Day 1

After Day 0, now Day 1 of the conference is over with the opening ceremony and a variety of speeches and workshops. Multiple news agencies and websites covered the opening ceremony and speeches as seen on the MCI website and many other Persian news agency websites.

Dr. Nikoofar, Deputy CEO of MCI

Yesterday, on day 0, we had 4 workshops presented by Dr. Rostami from Ericsson, Dr. Mahmoodi from Kings College London, Dr. Maddah Ali from the Communications faculty and Dr. Farhadi from the Control faculty, both from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department of Sharif University of Technology. The workshops were focused mostly on the development of the emerging 5G Telecom systems and the uses in industry.

Dr. Maddah Ali presenting his workshop on Cache Networks

Today, on day 1, the opening ceremony started with verses of the holy Quran the glorious national anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Afterwards, there were speeches by the ICT Minister, Sharif University, Conference Organization and representatives from various companies and organizations such as TCI, MCI, CITC, Rightel, Ericsson, NAK, and Kavoshcom.

Dr. Pakravan, Member of Rightel Board

Later in the afternoon, the speeches were followed up by two workshops by Dr. Parsaeefard from Iran Telecommunication Research Center and Dr. Fereidunian from Khajeh Nasireddin Toosi University of Technology. These workshops focused on the development challenges of 5G and the use of this technology for enhancement of power grids.

Ralf Pichler, Head of Ericsson Iran

Dr. Parsaeefard, Iran Telecommunication Research Center